Kumiai Oysters

SO delicious! These oysters are briny yet sweet.

A tear at the seashore, from a tender, unexpected kiss.

According to Santa Monica Seafood: they are from the pristine waters of Guerrero Negro Lagoon, feeding from Vizcaino Bay, Baja California. “The constant upwelling brings nutrient-rich bottom waters to the surface providing a high phytoplankton diet for the oysters, resulting in good meat yield year round.”
They were blissfully enjoyed with a squeeze of lemon, a bit of cocktail sauce on a couple – only. The beverage was Green Flash’s “Le Freak”, a Belgian Tripel/IPA combo-style I’ve come across lately. What a surprisingly compatible pairing! This ale hits the palate with the Belgian malt and spices, but finishes with the palate-cleansing IPA hops.

Got both this week at Johnny Gibson’s Downtown Market. Quick before they’re gone!


  1. Georges says:

    I tried these – they ARE like a bite of the ocean. Thanks for the recommendation – I wish everyone else who sells oysters would bring them in. Hey, Whole Foods!

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